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Stay tuned for new courses. You can download the app "moodle" on your phone and enter "". After that enter your username and you are done!

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Maintenance in The Era of Sustainability

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a name given to a group of activities, which are performed to ensure that all that could possibly go wrong with a product have been identified and appropriate actions have been taken to either prevent undesirable failures or prevent the consequences of both probabilistic and deterministic failures.


Success in the Indian Stock Market. By Dibyendu De

Introduction to the course

This course is about designing a maintenance plan

But why do we use the word ‘design?’

This is because the basic purpose of a maintenance plan for any manufacturing unit is to continuously produce quality goods in a very uncertain environment of asset integrity and failures.

Failures in machines and systems are highly probable and mostly unpredictable. And when failures happen the consequences can spell disaster, which we can hardly afford.

It is true that we now live in an engineered world that has elevated our standard of living. Hence any failure that has disastrous consequences can quickly rip apart our modern world, our living and livelihood.

Hence there is a need to design a maintenance plan that is capable of:

 1. Maintaining the integrity of our physical assets

2. Minimising the consequences of failures to almost zero

3. Reducing the failure rate to almost zero.

Thus this course aims to deliver the knowledge and the required competence to achieve all the above goals in the shortest possible time.

You would stand to gain the ring side view of the discipline and learn the ropes first hand from a person who has dedicated 40 years of his professional career to this field of knowledge and has created proven tools, methods and techniques to achieve the ultimate goal in engineering — which is ‘Zero Failure.’

Such knowledge has helped many top companies in India to not only achieve the desired objective of Zero Failures but also helped such companies to institute and sustain an on-going culture of excellence in engineering of the highest standards, which is essential for any manufacturing company to stay and excel in their game.

Moreover, you would not find this knowledge available in present textbooks or on the internet.

So, welcome to this valuable course to enhance your knowledge and whet your appetite for Personal Mastery!